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All Day Tour

All Day Tour Duration: 5 Hours

The All Day Tour is a combination of Monument Valley and Mystery Valley's Backcountry and the 17 mile loop. Mystery Valley is restricted to the public, but you would have access only with a tour guide. One of our tour guides will tell you in detail about the history and the "Mystery" of the Anasazi or the "Ancient Ones". You will explore and admire the imprints of petroglyphs and pictographs left by the ancient civilization that lived here before the Navajos. 

You would have a one hour lunch break between each section of your tours. (Lunch not included)

The Monument Valley Tour will take you through the public access 17 mile loop although your tour guide can uncover the stories of Monument Valley while you enjoy the panoramic views of the sandstone cliffs. Next, you will be guided to the restricted 11 mile backcountry tour within the Monument Valley Tribal Park, and it is accessed only when accompanied by a tour guide. You will visit a traditional Navajo Hogan, visit several natural arches and petroglyphs. You will have full access to our tour guides stories, history, and traditional songs while admiring the red sandstone formations. 

Price: $200.00 per person 

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